Technology Overview

Redline provides end-to-end wireless networks for mission-critical applications in industrial, public safety and service provider markets. These solutions use technologies that are designed and purpose-built to deliver the most powerful, versatile and reliable networks on the planet.



The RDL-LTE system is a complete end-to-end LTE broadband solution for organizations that require a secure private network to support voice, data, video, and the Internet-of-Things (IoT). The RDL-LTE system includes eNodeBs (Cell Site), a complete EPC (LTE-Core), Push-to-Talk with dispatch console solution and a selection of interoperable LTE user equipment (UE).

The RDL-LTE architecture is designed for deployments over very large coverage areas where a small to medium number of remote devices are required at roll-out. It can scale to over 100,000 users and is 3GPP compliant so you can easily integrate Redline components into your existing LTE system. With support for many of the FDD and TDD 3GPP band classes and channel sizes, the RDL-LTE solution can function optimally within your spectrum availability even when that spectrum is limited.

The eNodeB units are compact, lightweight, consume less power and deliver a surprising coverage range. The RDL-LTE EPC design provides a rapidly deployable LTE Core for thousands of connected devices, and its accessible cost will provide a quick ROI for smaller networks of hundreds to thousands of UE’s. Redline’s Private PTT solution provides a functional system over the RDL-LTE architecture or any other IP network.

These solutions, combined with Redline’s interoperability program provide an extensive selection of third-party industrial-grade handsets and a best-in-class vehicular mobile routers, makes RDL-LTE a fit for purpose solution for first responders, law enforcement and any organization looking for a complete and secure, private industrial LTE network.


The core of a Redline network solution is the Virtual Fiber™ platform, the foundation for a product family that delivers wireless communications backbones. Virtual Fiber products operate both point-to-point and point-to multipoint to distribute high-capacity, low-latency IP communications across wide areas and wide spectrum ranges.

Virtual Fiber™

Virtual Fiber is Redline’s proprietary award-winning multipoint backhaul (transport) solution. The fixed and nomadic, long-range, high-capacity wireless system can backhaul our RDL-LTE network quickly, and more cost-efficiently than traditional point-to-point microwave. Virtual Fiber can also be used to offload bandwidth-intensive applications from your LTE network, such as high resolution video surveillance, analytics servers at the edge, fog computing, and business-to-business connectivity.

This proprietary technology, based on OFDM and developed by Redline, has the following key attributes:

  • High Capacity: Can deliver capacity of up to 150 Mbps of actual user data over the air
  • Long Range: Can carry voice, video and data at distances over 80 Km
  • Low Latency: Redline’s industry-leading millisecond latency ensures that even the most time-sensitive services can be delivered over wide areas
  • Versatility: Redline’s UWT platform brings the option to operate on any frequency between 100 MHz and 6 GHz including licensed, reserved and unlicensed bands
  • Efficiency: Capable of packing over 9 bits per second per Hertz of information for transmission over the air, while being flexible enough to support channel sizes ranging from 20 MHz to below 1 MHz for the most efficient use of any available spectrum
  • Reliability and Ruggedness: Redline’s technology drives products that operate unattended in harsh environments for years, at temperatures that range from -40 to +75 °C, and in harsh conditions as demonstrated by IP67 compliance and the ability to operate in hazardous zones
  • Security: Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) and enough security to allow us to be FIPS 140-2 certified are only two of the many features that make Redline products secure enough for military use

This technology is available with products designed, manufactured and supported by Redline.

Edge technologies

People and machines connect to the Redline backbone using “edge” technologies in products that can be provided by Redline or by third parties. Redline’s goal is to maximize the types of devices that can be used over a Redline network. Some edge technologies incorporated into Redline’s edge products include:

Wi-Fi Icon

Support for virtually any commercial Wi-Fi product at the edge allows you to create local area wireless hotspots for mobile device use (IP data and VoIP) in any part of the Redline network. Support for tagging and Virtual LAN configurations bring corporate Wi-Fi policies to the edge to ensure that remote Wi-Fi hotspots are as functional, reliable, easy to use, and secure as in the corporate office.

Ethernet Icon

Ever versatile and ubiquitous Ethernet (TCP/IP) connectivity is built into every edge product sold by Redline including the Edge, eLTE-MT, Enterprise, RAS-Elite and RAS-Extend products. It is enhanced with support for QoS, security policies and open-standards IP tagging.

M2M Icon

Redline’s Connect Remote Terminal’s serial port interfaces support all popular SCADA protocols such as Modbus for wide area M2M monitoring and control operations.