Professional Services

Partner Enablement Professional Services

In order to assist and complement our partners with complex deployments around the world, Redline has developed a comprehensive methodology and a suite of professional services that include:

  • Project Management
  • FEED (Front End Engineering and Design)
  • Installation support
  • Ongoing management of the wireless network

Redline can help its partners to simplify planning, deployment, management and maintenance activities in order to deliver a greater return on investment for the customer. The addition of a specific RedCare support plan will provide the partner additional support options to complement their own service plans. This will ensure optimal operation for the ongoing management of the wireless network.

With Redline professional services you are assured of a network that is powerful, versatile and reliable – today and in the future. Redline helps our partners maximize the value of our products and solutions.

Project Management

Redline can be a complement to the partner’s resources on their project management team. The project manager provides a variety of services including assistance with the development and review of a project plan in order to provide guidance for the Redline partner team. The project plan is a “blueprint” for the success of any network deployment.

If required, the project manager can also oversee and facilitate the day to day progress of the project and identify critical processes. This would include: project initiation, project planning, project implementation, project tracking, change management, variance analysis, corrective action, project visibility and project closure.

FEED (Front End Engineering and Design)

An initial review of the planned network with the customer is a key activity to ensure success with any wireless project. This step ensures that key parameters such as applications and expected capacity are understood and agreed to with the customer prior to starting the detailed design. As part of this phase, RF (Radio Frequency) planning is a key initial activity for any wireless network and a detailed RF plan will be considered “construction grade”. It will ensure the deployment is completed correctly and delivers high availability, coverage and stable performance level for subscribers while minimizing the total number of base station sites required for the installation.

The detailed plan will include site selection, frequency plan and re-use, capacity analysis and product selection for the network. A report will be provided that includes Google Earth KMZ coverage/best serve predictions, frequency plan recommendations and individual link profiles.

The construction grade plan will provide details for all base station locations, antenna heights, azimuth (or bearing) and antenna tilts for each of the base station towers along with details for each of the subscriber (or remote) locations. This plan can be provided to the construction crews for the installation of the equipment. The licensed or unlicensed backhaul design will be included in the detailed (or construction grade) plan.

Installation Support

Redline can complement the partner’s on-site support capabilities during the implementation phase of the project. A Redline professional services expert can review the installation of the equipment to confirm it follows our best practices. This will ensure the partner can minimize post-deployment issues and realize a successful and worry-free deployment of the Redline wireless equipment.

Other activities that can be provided by the on-site resource can include the following:

  • Site survey/selection
  • Installation supervision
  • Commissioning for both base station and subscriber sites
  • Ad-hoc product training
  • Typical on-site support activities
  • Network audit

The Redline professional services team is committed to assisting our partners with the necessary tools, resources and knowledge to properly plan, deploy and manage the customer’s wireless network.