RDL-3100 XG

RDL-3100 Connection

Redline announces a new member of its Virtual Fiber™ family, the RDL-3100 XG series. This new software defined series from Redline is similar to the award-winning RDL-3000, but has been upgraded to provide higher data-rates and has been optimized for LTE eNodeB backhaul. The RDL-3100 provides a cost-effective PTP or PMP wireless backhaul to meet the demanding needs of small cell backhaul.

  • The RDL-3100 is currently available to cover the full 4940-5875 MHz bands in one radio including meeting the new FCC DFS rules.
  • Its advanced technology provides greater than 330 Mbps at layer 2 usable speed. It offers very high packet processing to provide backhaul for large quantities of IoT and M2M traffic.
  • Dual-clock synchronization and fixed-frame profiles provides stable jitter and low latency—very important for LTE backhaul.
  • The series has high transmitter power across all modulation levels providing longer range, higher capacity and resilience to interference.

But, like the RDL-3000, this new series is lightweight (sub 3 Kg) and consumes very low power (sub 15W), so it can be installed almost anywhere and can be powered by photovoltaics or other alternative energy sources. It uses standard IP networking and VLAN protocols so its gigabit Ethernet port can be connected directly in any standard IP networking node. The RDL-3100 enjoys the same security and management features of the RDL-3000 family providing the operator the same look and feel, no need for additional training.

For more details, please request for our RDL-3100 XG datasheets by filling out the form.