The RDL-2000 provides very high-capacity reliable wireless transport for point-to-point (PTP) trunking and backhaul for services.

The RDL-2000 low latency system is used for transporting multiple TCP/IP based services including transparent LAN, MPLS, Metro Ethernet services, VoIP, and high-resolution video.

Supplied in kit form, this system is simple to setup and operate for PTP links up to 50 km (30 mi) and provide hitless throughput up to 270 Mbps.

  • RDL-2000


    • High throughput enables support of concurrent services for data, video and voice
    • Hitless modulation compensates for rain fade and multipath effects to ensure reliable operation in all weather conditions
    • Advanced stability and performance in noisy environments using Intelligent Interference Sensing/Suppression (IIS)
    • Durable all-weather enclosure for reliable operation in extreme temperatures and environmental conditions
    • Over-the-air monitoring, configuration and software keyed feature enable upgrades without physical access

    RDL-2000 wireless transport solutions are supplied as a system-in-a-box including cables, mounting hardware, and power sources. A full line of carrier grade antennas are available to solve all your deployment challenges. Use Redline’s ClearView NMS application for complete element management and over-the-air software upgrades.

    Redline provides a truly unified wireless networking solution—across the spectrum, across your company and across the globe—enabling secure, reliable, high-speed connectivity to people and smart devices everywhere.

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