The Connect-OWS wireless solution delivers secure reliable high speed wireless connections directly to sites with SCADA and smart sensor devices in remote and very harsh environments, including hazardous zones. This optimized solution combines both the RF link budget and the serial gateway in a single managed device supporting multiple traffic types.

  • Connect-OWS


    • Secure reliable wireless data links starting at 10 Mbps Ethernet rates
    • Rugged temperature-hardened IP68 certified outdoor radios
    • Support for very close-in, long distance, and hard to service locations
    • Very low latency supports time-sensitive applications
    • Kit includes Connect-OWS mounting hardware, plug-in power terminal block and Ethernet surge arrestor.
    • Two RS232/485 serial interfaces, two 10/100BaseT Ethernet interfaces, and local console port
    • Combine with Connect-OW wireless system for complete over-the-air monitoring, configuration, and upgrades without physical access to the system

    The Connect-OWS solution is quick and simple to deploy with very flexible installation options that can significantly reduce installation and maintenance costs. Each kit includes a Connect-OWS serial-gateway with multi-serial interfaces supporting many protocols and multi-port Ethernet switch, integrated PoE power injector, mounting hardware, plug-in power terminal block (dual 10-30VDC inputs) and DIN mount in-line surge arrestor module.

    Deploy the Connect-OWS solution quickly and easily to service wireless services for SCADA telemetry, smart sensors devices, and automated process control. The Connect-OW series of wireless terminals support a wide range of licensed and unlicensed frequency bands from 470 MHz to 5.8 GHz. Data cables are available to meet site requirements for mounting the wireless terminal up to 100 meters (330 ft) from the in-cabinet gateway PoE power/data connection. Use wireless systems in locations with no direct line of sight to the base station.

    The Connect-OWS is fully compatible with the entire family of Redline RDL-3000 systems. Redline provides a full line of hardened industrial peripherals and services.

    Redline’s patented UWT™ technology provides a truly unified wireless networking solution—across the spectrum, across your company and across the globe—enabling secure, reliable, high-speed connectivity to people and smart devices everywhere.

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