Wireless Backbone

  • Secure Communication Backbone | HCLOS+ Network Link

    Launch a robust high-capacity point-to-point backbone in minutes to securely link strategic and forward tactical networks.


    With the constantly increasing number and throughput of edge devices such as cameras and other sensors, and the growing quantity of edge networks, it is essential to provide secure high performance communication trunks linking these front line assets.

    Use Redline’s high capacity long range low latency systems to quickly establish permanent or semi-permanent connectivity on links up to 100 km (66 mi).

    These fully IP systems use flexible Quality of Service (QoS) profiles to actively manage traffic priority and flow to dependably deliver simultaneous streams of data, voice and video traffic.

    The light weight and small size of Redline systems simplifies the logistics of delivering high capacity wireless trunking to forward bases, outposts, checkpoints and other forward locations.

    Specialized features include:

    • Small size and light weight simplifies logistics
    • Installation and operation can be performed by personnel with a minimal amount of training
    • All-weather enclosure provides reliable operation in extreme conditions
    • Low power consumption easily powered by battery pack / solar
    • Complete over-the-air monitoring, configuration, and software upgrades
    • Fully software-defined system provides extra flexibility and longer life

    Recommended Systems for Wireless Backbone

    RDL-3000 Ellipse
    Base Station
    eLTE-MT System
    Ruggedized terminal
    Redline Management Software
    Monitoring & configuration tool


  • HCLOS+ PTP Network Features


    • Ruggedized software-defined industrial wireless system
    • 100 - 6000 MHz bands (software selected)
    • 3.5 - 20 MHz channels (software selected)
    • Integrated GPS for geo-location
    • Up to 120 Mbps over-the-air
    • FIPS-2 data & platform security
    • All outdoor low power suitable for solar and battery pack
    • Very low end-to-end latency
    • Superior reliability with best MTBF

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