Nomadic Access

  • Nomadic Access | Touchless Connections to the Digital Canopy

    Launch a digital canopy to get touchless broadband access on-the-hop with the Redline RAS Nomadic platform.


    Quickly launch a digital canopy and then deploy RAS wireless nomadic terminals anywhere up to 18 miles forward within the wedge-shaped sector.

    The RAS nomadic platform extends reliable high-capacity IP connectivity to movable and roving assets anywhere under a Redline wireless canopy. Purpose built for on-the-move applications, the lightweight RAS platform mounts quickly and easily on movable equipment, vehicles and structures.

    With zero-touch setup the RAS quickly locates a base station and automatically aligns the solid-state antenna. The system then instantly establishes security and operational settings to bring the connection live at speeds up to 186.6 Mbps over the air for voice calls, video, backhaul to Wi-Fi APs, telemetry and other IP based applications.

    Specialized features include:

    • Turnkey operation allows non-technical personnel to easily transport, setup, and operate a RAS system
    • Self-aligning antenna system needs no aiming
    • Rugged housing and high-grade components sustain extreme temperature, shock and vibration
    • Complete over-the-air performance statistics, configuration, and software upgrades
    • Fully software-defined design provides extra flexibility and extends life

    Recommended Systems for Nomadic Access

    RDL-3000 Ellipse
    Base Station
    AN-80i RAS Nomadic Platform
    Zero-touch nomadic terminal
    Redline Management Software
    Monitoring & configuration tool


  • Nomadic Access Network Features

    • Ruggedized software-defined nomadic wireless terminal
    • 4900 - 5800 MHz
    • Zero-touch 360° self-aiming system to be on-line automatically in minutes
    • Deploy up to 18 miles from a Redline base station
    • Integrated GPS for geo-location
    • Up to 186.6 Mbps over-the-air
    • FIPS 140-2-grade data & platform security
    • All outdoor low power suitable for low power applications
    • Powerful packet processing capacity delivers very low end-to-end latency
    • Superior reliability and MTBF
    • Remote management and KPI monitoring with ClearView NMS

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