Ad Hoc Wireless Networks

  • Ad Hoc Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Networks | Multi-Site Support

    Quickly link multiple temporary sites with high speed links for voice, video and sensor data over rugged and blocked terrain and in any environment.


    The light weight and small size of Redline systems simplifies the logistics of delivering wireless transport to outposts, checkpoints and temporary surveillance locations requiring high capacity access to function effectively.

    Launch a digital canopy and then quickly deploy wireless terminals up to 30 km forward of the base station within the wedge-shape sector.

    Specialized features include:

    • Small and lightweight design to simplify logistics (e.g., the Redline eLTE-MT with integrated antenna is only 8" x 8" x 2.5" deep without mounting hardware)
    • Installation and operation can be performed by personnel with limited training
    • All-weather enclosure provides reliable operation in extreme conditions
    • Low power consumption easily powered by battery / solar
    • Complete over-the-air monitoring, configuration, and software upgrades
    • Fully software-defined design provides extra flexibility and system life

    Recommended Systems for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks

    RDL-3000 Ellipse
    Base Station
    eLTE-MT System
    Ruggedized terminal
    RDL-3000 Edge
    High performance terminal
    RAS RAS Nomadic Platform
    Zero-touch nomadic terminal
    Redline Management Software
    Monitoring & configuration tool


  • Ad Hoc Point-to-Multipoint Network Features

    • Ruggedized software-defined wireless system
    • 100 - 6000 MHz bands (software selectable)
    • 3.5 - 20 MHz channels (software selectable)
    • Up to 120 Mbps over-the-air
    • FIPS 140-2 data & platform security
    • All outdoor low power suitable for solar power applications
    • Powerful packet processing capacity delivers very low end-to-end latency
    • Superior reliability and MTBF

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