sustain growth, maximize profitability, and make better decisions faster by connecting people, processes and places with redline’s rugged products and innovative software for machine-to-machine communications.

Mission Critical Wireless Networks for Energy



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The digital oil field is a tough place that demands industrial strength M2M communications. Redline’s broadband wireless products with Virtual Fiber™ technology are designed from the ground-up to be extremely rugged and provide the capacity, range, reliability and real-time performance necessary to connect critical M2M applications.

Oil & gas companies worldwide trust Redline to wirelessly enable their important machine-to-machine applications to:

Increase Oil Production
Deploy enhanced oil recovery techniques and access real-time M2M data from smart drills, down-hole sensors, reservoir monitors and 3-D seismic surveys to enable visualization and successive modeling of fluid movements in extreme environments.


Improve Operational Efficiency
Establish collaborative work environments (CWEs) and access the M2M data needed to make better more informed decisions in real-time to achieve key performance indicators (KPIs). 

Reduce Costs
Reduce drilling times, manage remotely steerable down-hole tools and integrate measurement-while-drilling (MWD) real-time data to reduce costs. 

Enhanced Oil Recovery
Create a communication network between all injection and extraction wells to enable a single balanced system. 

Wireless Applications for Oil & Gas

Data Aquisition

Create Digital Oil Fields | Data Acquisition

Connect more well sites and gather more real-time data with fewer radios with Redline’s rugged products and flexible software options for M2M communications. Both large and medium capacity micro-base stations along with Zone 1, Zone 2 compliant smart terminals combine to provide the optimum mix of reliability, capacity and flexibility when connecting Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), sensors, laptops, terminals and mobile users in applications where fiber installation costs are prohibitive.  More +

Private Networks

Offshore and Ship-to-Shore Connectivity | Private Networks

Connect offshore platforms and provide ship-to-shore broadband M2M communications to network operation centers with Redline’s advanced wireless technology that minimizes the effects of fading and reflections over water and allows the use of smaller antennas for less wind load.  More +


Interconnect Remote Sites | Backhaul 

Provide broadband wireless M2M communications to more remote sites, mobile field offices and satellite teleport sites with Redline's industry leading extreme range, high throughput and low latency. More +

Video Surveillance

Establish Operational Video Surveillance | Video Surveillance

Improve visibility of field operations, increase operational efficiencies and enhance safety and security with Redline’s broadband wireless application for video surveillance which covers more area, delivers higher quality video and supports more high-resolution cameras than any other vendor. More +

Available Systems

RDL-3000 Ellipse RDL-3000 Edge
eLTE-MT AN-80i RAS-Elite
RDL-2000  RDL-2000 RDL-5000  RDL-5000
Redline Management Software